Top Irish Story posts of 2012

RoscommonboxWith 2012 drawing to a close, this is a summary of the most viewed new Irish Story posts of the year.

The Irish Story had over 150,000 visits in 2012. We want to thank all of our readers/listeners and wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. See also our top posts of 2011.


 Top Ten Articles

1. Today in Irish History – January 30 1972, Bloody Sunday in Derry

2. The Irish Civil War a Brief Overview

3. War and Famine in Ireland, 1580-1700

4. The Execution of the Drumboe Martyrs, 1923

5. A Stroll through Jewish Dublin

6. One Skilled Scientist is worth an Army – The Fenian dynamite campaign of 1881-85

7. The Kirkintolloch Tragedy 1937

8. The North King Street massacre, Dublin 1916

8. The Burning of the Customs House, May 1921

9. The Irish War of Independence – a Brief Overview

10. To Remember or to Commemorate? Padraig Og O Ruairc on the RIC Memorial


Also popular were; Land Agitation in Achill, 1913, Commemorating the LockoutThe Easter Rising in County Wexford, The Irish Whales – Ireland’s forgotten Olympians, A Pale trip through HistoryThe Invincibles and the Phoenix Park Killings and Casualties of the Irish Civil War in Dublin and Rathcarin, Land and Language Reform in the Irish Free State.

Top ten interviews

1. The Blueshirts, Fascism in Ireland? – Cathal Brennan and John Dorney interview Brian Hanley and Fearghal McGarry.

2. Eunan O’Halpin on the Dead of the Irish Revolution

3. History Wars – Interview with John Regan

4. Cathal Brennan talks to John Dorney about the Irish Civil War in Dublin.

5. “When Aungier Street became the Dardanelles” – Interview with James Durney

6. David Fitzpatrick on Terror in Ireland

7. Southern Troubles – Interview Brian Hanley

8. Interview: Irish Radicalism in Scotland

9. Padraig Lenihan on Contesting Irish History

10. Conor Mulvagh on Home Rule Party


Top Ten Reviews

1. Film Review, The Enigma of Frank Ryan

2. Book review, Terror in Ireland

3. Making Money in Dublin 1500-200 – a report on history conference in TCD.

4. Report on the Irish Civil War Conference, Drogheda, 2012

5. Book Review, Ireland’s Arctic Siege

6. Book Review: Sleep Soldier Sleep

7. A Decade of Commemorations

8. Book Review: ‘What Else Could I do?’

9. Book Review, Dublin A City in Turmoil, 1919-21

10. Book Review: Conquest and Land in Ireland

Thanks to all of our great contributors. Here’s hoping for another productive year in 2013.






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