The Irish Story Top Ten articles of 2023

Happy New Year to all Irish Story readers and contributors! These were our top ten most read articles of 2023.

Rioting in Marrowbone, Belfast, 1920.

Top Ten Articles

  1. The First battle of Marrowbone, Belfast 1920, by Gus McKendry
  2. War along the Border, Ireland 1922 by John Dorney
  3. ‘A Terror to the Countryside’, Civil War reprisals in Cork and Kerry, by John Dorney
  4. The Death of Thomas Keating a Civil War killing in Waterford, by David Prendergast
  5. ‘They killed idealism in my soul’ The end of the Irish Civil War, by John Dorney
  6. Did Michael Collins order the death of Henry Wilson? By Ronan McGreevey
  7. Clashmealcon Caves and Ballymullen Barracks, the tragedies of Kerry, April 1923, by Bryan McMahon
  8. ‘A modification of the Treaty’: W.B. Yeats, W.T. Cosgrave, and secret peace talks in London during the Civil War, by Karl O’Hanlon
  9. Jan Smuts and the Anglo Irish Truce of 1921, by Jack Traynor
  10. John ‘Old Smoke’ Morrissey the man who ordered the death of Bill ‘the Butcher’ Poole. By John Joe McGinley

Top 5 Book reviews

  1. Liam Lynch: To Declare a Republic, by Gerard Shannon reviewed by John Dorney
  2. Rewriting the Troubles, War and Propaganda in Ireland and Algeria, by Patrick Anderson, reviewed by Donal Hassett
  3. A People Under Siege – The Unionists of Northern Ireland, from Partition to Brexit and Beyond, by Aaron Edwards, reviewed by Kieran Glennon
  4. Homeward Bound, Return Migration from Ireland and India at the End of the British Empire, by Niamh Dillon, reviewed by Sean Gannon
  5. A Broad Church: The Provisional IRA in the Republic of Ireland, 1980-1989 Volume 2 by Gearóid Ó Faoleán, reviewed by Robert Collins
The Ballyseedy memorial outside Tralee.

Top Podcasts

  1. The Terror Month in Kerry, March 1923
  2. The Army Mutiny of 1924
  3.  The Desmond Rebellions
  4. The General Election of 1923, with Mel Farrell and Elaine Callinane
  5. Liam Lynch with Gerard Shannon
  6. Land and Revolution in Ireland with Terry Dunne
  7. Executions during the Irish Civil War

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