The Irish Story News #0002 ~ 06/06/2010

Welcome to the second blog edition of The Irish Story News. We’ve had a busy month here with lots to interest all fans of Irish History.

Book Reviews

Book Review ~ Taking The Boat: The Irish in Leeds, 1931-81 ~ Brendan McGowan
Book Review ~ IRA The Bombs And The Bullets: A History of Deadly Ingenuity ~ A.R. Oppenheimer


Dublin in 1913
The Irish Civil War – A divisive memory
War in 17th Century Ireland
Padraig Lenihan and the 17th Century in Ireland

Irish History

Flash From The Past: A Very Nice Initiative From The National Library
Who Shot Frank Lawlor? – Encounters with the Irish Civil War
Using Google Maps To List Ambushes & IRA Activity In Clare

Today In Irish History

Today In Irish History – The Battle Of Fontenoy, 11 May

We’ve a lot more to come in June including more book reviews, articles and audio casts.

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