Podcast: Commemorating 1921 in Ireland, 100 years on

Arthur Griffith, at the Mansion House in Dublin in 1921, after the announcement of the Truce.

The year 2021 sees a number of momentous centenaries in Ireland, from the bloodiest months in the War of Independence, to the Truce of July 11, 1921, the foundation of Northern Ireland’s Parliament and the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty on December 6 1921.

  • John Dorney and Cathal Brennan discuss here how such events can be commemorated in Ireland in 2021.
  • Is it possible for them to be remembered through the Irish state’s preferred lense of ‘reconciliation’?
  • Can there be a consensual understanding of what it meant to create Northern Ireland as an autonomous entity?
  • Will discussion of the Anglo-Irish Treaty forever remain mired in the acrimony of the Civil War?
  • Listen below: (first broadcast on the Irish History Show).

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