Interview: Joe Connell on Guerrilla Warfare in Ireland 1919-1921

Joe Connell is the author of the newly published, The Shadow War, Michael Collins and the Politics of Violence. Here he is interviewed by John Dorney of the Irish Story about he theory and practice of guerrilla warfare in the Irish War of Independence, 1919-1921.

We speak about:

* The antecedents of modern guerrilla warfare.

Image result for the shadow war joe connell* How Michael Collins in particular combined strategies of political violence, guerrilla warfare and propaganda to pressurise the British government.

* How terror was used by both sides in the war.

* What the British could have done to win and why they could not do it.

* Lessons taken from the Irish War of Independence from other anti-colonial guerrillas and by counter-insurgency forces around the world.

See also our previous interview with Joe on Michael Collins.

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