Easter Sunday – And Our First Release

Death Marked By A Cross
Death Marked By A Cross by Flickr User Lochinvar1 *
Today The Irish Story (the Irish History Imprint of Green Lamp Media) is making its first title, The Story Of The Easter Rising, 1916 by John Dorney, available for download in PDF form.

Later this week, the title will be available in Kindle and .epub formats and a little after that Print On Demand copies will be available too.

Over the coming months, four more books will be added to The Story Of Series …

This is an exciting moment for The Irish Story and Green Lamp Media and it’s a good time to share some of our plans for the future.

The Irish Story is in its very first stage of development. That much is obvious to anyone who visits. Over time we will be adding both considerably more features and content, some of these will be free (like our blog posts and book reviews) and some will require a premium (like The Story Of The Easter Rising, 1916).

The Irish Story will be slowly but surely developing a community of interest around Irish History, one that we hope to build into something special. The community will influence what we publish as free content and what we publish as premium content. The community will help foster new ideas, defend old ideas that need defending and develop (I hope) very much along its own lines, to the extent that it becomes very much a separate entity from The Irish Story though connected with it.

We’re keen and happy to take feedback and comment on board at this early stage so please contact us and let us know what you think and how you’d like us to develop the site further.

Eoin Purcell
Publisher, The Irish Story

*Image by Flickr user Lochinvar1

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