The People’s College Lecture Series on the Irish Revolution. Lectures 1-3

The People’s College with Irish Story contributors John Dorney and Cathal Brennan, are running a series of historical lectures. See below, the videos of talks by Brian Crowley, Ann Mathews and John Borgonovo on the Irish nationalist revolution of 1912-23. Full programme of lectures here. The remaining 5 lectures will be held at 38 Parnell Square, Dublin on Wednesdays until the end of March 2014. Time: 18:30-20:00.

In this talk Brian Crowley considers the political trajectory of Patrick Pearse, from a cultural nationalist prepared to accept Home Rule in 1914 to Presdient of the Insurrectionary IRish Republic in the uprising of Easter 1916.

Here Ann Mathews explodes the idea that the Irish Citizen Army, sometimes termed ‘Ireland’s Red Guard’ gave full equality to women members.

John Borgonovo talks about the realities of the Irish War of Independence of 1919-21. In particular he discusses the role of the infamous Black and Tans and Auxiliaries, who were drafted into the Royal Irish Constabulary to put down the IRA. Do they deserve their bloodthirsty reputation?

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