Audio documentary: Wellington Barracks in the Irish Civil War

An audio documentary on a corner of the Irish Civil War, around Wellington Barracks, South Circular Road, Dublin in 1922.

Readers of The Irish Story may already have seen our article on Wellington Barracks,  ‘A Microcosm of the Irish Civil War’.  This is an audio documentary on the same theme, prepared in 2009 as part of Masters Course in journalism at Griffith College Dublin.

Wellington Barracks became Griffith Barracks in 1923 and later, when the Irish Army sold the building in the 1990s, Griffith College.

Contributing interviews by Defence Analyst Declan Power and Sinn Fein councillor and writer Micheal MacDonnacha. You can listen to the full interviews here.

Script and narration by John Dorney.

The documentary is in three parts, click on the links below to listen.

 Wellington Barracks in the Civil War, Part I

Wellington Barracks in the Civil War, Part II

Wellington Barracks in the Civil War Part III







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