John Dorney

me summerJohn Dorney is an independent historian and chief editor and writer of the Irish Story website.

He was born in Dublin in August 1980 and grew up in the southern suburb of Rathfarnham. He studied history and politics in University College Dublin and completed a Masters Thesis on the 16th century Irish chieftain Florence McCarthy entitled, Florence MacCarthy and the conquest of Gaelic Munster, 1560-1640.

Intrigued by an Irish language memorial near his home that is dedicated to a republican militant assassinated in the Irish Civil War, he began researching the period surrounding Irish independence and partition in 1916-23 in 2006. He is particularly interested in the specifics of this often murky period in Dublin.

In 2010, he completed a Masters in Journalism and media studies at Griffith College Dublin, including the thesis, A Symbolic Battle – Media Framing and the Basque Festivals of 2009, on the rival mentalities and representations of the Basque Country.

He authored three ebooks in the Story of series that were published 2009-10 (The Story of the Easter Rising, The Story of the Irish War of Independence and The Story of the Irish Civil War). He also participated in the research and writing of Peter Paul Galligan, One of the Most Dangerous men in the Rebel Movement in 2011 and in 2013 authored the short book on the History of Griffith Barracks and Richmond Bridewell, published by Griffith College.

In 2014 his first full length print book, Peace After the Final Battle, the Story of the Irish Revolution was published by New Island Press.

He lives in Dublin, speaks Spanish to a reasonable standard and has a keen interest in the Spanish speaking world. Apart from history, he enjoys sport, especially cycling and football. He is a supporter of Shamrock Rovers FC.

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