The Story Of The Tudor Conquest Of Ireland: 1541-1603

Author: John Dorney
64 pages
ISBN: 9781907694202
Price: $4.99 (Plus VAT + Delivery)/£3.52

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About The Book
In 1500 Ireland was mostly outside the control of the English government it was largely Gaelic in culture, and with a religious split that reflected ethnicity and not theology. By 1600 (or at least by 1607), all of Ireland was subject to the English monarchy. Gaelic cultural and legal systems had been sidelined and outlawed. Old ethnic divisions between Old Irish and Old English had been superseded by new ones and the beginnings of a bitter confessional divide between Catholic and Protestant had been fostered. In short, the foundations of Ireland’s modern history were laid in this period. This ebook tells that story.

About The Author
John Dorney is the author of The Story Of The Easter Rising, 1916The Story of The Irish War Of Independence and The Story Of The Irish Civil War read more about him here.

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