The Irish Story Is Seeking Contributors
Calling historians and writers of Irish history, The Irish Story is interested in adding new writers to our roster of contributors to the site. All topics are of interest but we'd especially like to add to our Ancient and Medieval selections which are currently less well populated than we'd like. The Editors editor[at] |  jdorney66[at]

Radio Discussion on the War of Independence and Civil War in Dublin

In a follow up to our interview with James Durney, John Dorney and Cathal Brennan discuss the dynamics of insurgency and counter-insurgency in the Irish capital in 1919-1923 on Near FM’s History Show.

John Dorney and Cathal Brennan talk1

John Dorney and Cathal Brennan talk2

We discuss:

  • The organisation and social composition of the IRA in Dublin. 
  • The tactics used by the guerrillas and thier effects of civilians and combatants.
  • The response first of the British and then the Free State forces.
  • The Treaty split in the Dublin IRA.

See also our first show which was about the civil war in Dublin and Cork.

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