Today In Irish History – A House Is Stormed In Dalkey, 23 March –


The Irish Civil War dragged on for much longer than it needed to from a purely military perspective. You could make the argument that it never really ended. Once the capital was secured in a bloody and hard fight, and then Limerick (The Battle for Limerick City (Military History of the Irish Civil War Series), Kilkenny and Waterford were taken, there was little enough for the anti-treaty forces to fight for. When the Provisional Government successfully landed forces in Kerry and Cork by ship, any hope of a centralized and large-scale resistance went put the window.

Today in 1923, like on so many days that year and the one previous, the Provisional Government surrounded and stormed a house. This particular day the house was close to where I sit now, Albert Road in Dalkey.

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The results were what you might expect, those inside resisted and at least one National Army solider was killed and several of the irregulars were wounded. Some arms were captured and a local leader, Meighan was arrested. The Dalkey Homepage carries a full newspaper report.

In many ways then today, 87 years ago was just another, bloody day in a period of turmoil and tension. It is well worth reading Mercier’s The Munster Republic: The Civil War in North Cork for more on the effect of the Civil War on the ground in this period.

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